Enable Nightly Heal Network (04:00 am)?

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Enable Nightly Heal Network (04:00 am)?

Post by berkens » Sunday 18 March 2018 15:30

I enabled this option in Domoticz for the controller:

3. Enable Nightly Heal Network (04:00 am):

Last update: -

It never showed an update.

How can I see result from this option? I have often dead node(s). Already use powerplugs and a 220v gasdetector as a repeater.

Domoticz v3.8891
Synology DS214
Zwave.me USB1 stick

Greetings Ben
Windows 10 laptop, Synology DS214 + DSM6.1, Zwave.me USB, Neo CoolCam powerplugs & dual wall switches, Heiman gasdetector, Eurotronic Spirit heatvalve, Samsung SmartThings hub v2 UK

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