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Scene creation/management

Post by KTM400 » Friday 23 February 2018 17:24

Hey guys! I’m new to Domoticz and loving it so far. I currently have 3 switches, dimmer, and 2 outlets. Everything is working good thus far except I can’t figure out how to associate my scenes. I think I have a few issues going on, or I am just too green to understand what I’m doing.

-Raspberry PI3
-Aeotec zstick gen5
-Domoticz 3.8873
-inovelli zwave+ switches
-zooz zwave+ zen22 dimmer

First thing I noticed is my inovelli switches are being recognized as zooz switches in Domoticz. They seem to work fine so I’m not too concerned about it. Here’s my problem, I’m not sure how to control different scenes. My switches state they support scenes with 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x tap, and hold, up or down, so each switch can handle 10 scenes. Domoticz only seems to ‘see’ the 2x tap up. I may be adding them wrong. I either work from the scenes page or light switches page. I click learn new switch or add device, then go to switch and press up twice. It is recognized as a new idx association. I can use it however I want and works great, however the 2x down, 3x up, hold, etc no other tap or hold functions will associate as a new item, idx, switch, device, etc. What’s interesting is if I go to hardware>zstick setup>control panel page and look at the current values info of a switch, Domoticz will report single tap, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and hold correctly, so Domoticz is seeing my taps and holds but for some reason I can’t associate anything but a 2x up tap on any of my switches.

Help? I’m still learning and wanting to start simple. I would like to set a simple scene to turn on all lights with 2x up and off with 2x down. In the mail I have some door switches coming and scenes will be especially important then because I’m going to make an home brew alarm/security system with the scenes acting as activate/deactivate.


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