Connecting Solar Invertor Delta RPI to Domoticz?

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Connecting Solar Invertor Delta RPI to Domoticz?

Post by GVerheij » Sunday 18 February 2018 18:10


I would like to connect my Delta RPI M10A to Domoticz. Ultimately I want to create a graph in which I can see:
- how much power do my PV panels generate
- how much power do we deliver back to the grid
- how much power do we use in the house

So my Domoticz is allready connected to my smart meter using p0.

Has anyone experience with writing a plugin for this invertor? Or a simular one? Or shall we cooperate? I can program in python. Can anyone help me how to start?

The Delta Invertor (product info: has a RS485 serial connector.

Thanks for your answers and ideas!

Gerard Verheij
Den Dungen, The Netherlands

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