Most compatible 433mhz hardware???

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Most compatible 433mhz hardware???

Post by binbo » Thursday 18 January 2018 23:22

Hi all,

I have a rfxtrx433e - and while it is very good - offers lots of modes - I want something that just "learns"

I have a cheap 433mhz alarm panel - to make it "learn" a new device - I just click "learn" - and set the sensor off - and then it works.

Most of the time - that's exactly how my domoticz and my rfxtrx433e work. I just look in "Devices" and "Not used" and there they are.

But sometimes - my cheap alarm panel finds things rfxtrx433e/domoticz doesn't.

Like the problem I had with the window sensors - 4 wouldn't work with rfxtrx433e/domoticz -- But my alarm panel uses them all fine.

And my Beam breakers - rfxtrx433e/domoticz cannot even see the signal - even on "undecoded" -- but my cheap alarm panel - just click "learn" and it picks them up fantastic. I get "ding dong" when someone goes through my beams.

( ... d&did=2961)

But rfxtrx433e/domoticz could be so much more powerful if i could get it working! I could have it if anyone goes through beams at night - it turns my lightwave outside lights on. And in the day - it just rings my 1byone Easy Chime. The possibilities are amazing.

But i want something that just picks up any 433mhz signal - and lets me use it!

Can anyone reommend anything i could try?

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Re: Most compatible 433mhz hardware???

Post by b_weijenberg » Friday 19 January 2018 10:49

It looks the same as the supported Aidebao security beam ... ector.html

Check with RFXmngr with only Meiantech/Atlantic enabled.

Or contact support
RFXtrx433, RFXtrx433E, RFXtrx433XL

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Re: Most compatible 433mhz hardware???

Post by kimot » Sunday 21 January 2018 17:08

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Re: Most compatible 433mhz hardware???

Post by blauwebuis » Sunday 21 January 2018 19:12

Good timing. I just created a python plugin that does exactly this.

Have a look here:

Wait no, it doesn't do that. It learns, but only to then transmit codes. Sorry.

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