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Domoticz users, hide groups

Posted: Saturday 09 September 2017 22:12
by marktn

Is it possible to hide groups for users of domoticz.
I have a several group with ligths.
Swtiches is no problem to hide, but i don't see groups?

Re: Domoticz users, hide groups

Posted: Monday 11 September 2017 14:18
by lonebaggie
Had the same issue. I have written a generic LUA script. which links switches together . Like a glorified Sub/Slave setup . You can link one switch to multiple switches . So you can set them up like a group or scene. You can also hide and unhide switches. trigger the switches or simply change the state with Domoticz



You could setup a dummy switch to recreate the group (more options toggle switches, change state only, set user variables) . Then use another dummy switch to change the hidden state of the first switch.

May help ?