Jablotron Alarm network interface to Domoticz

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Jablotron Alarm network interface to Domoticz

Post by joepurlings » Monday 04 September 2017 20:26


I was trying to interface my Jabloton Profi 60 series alarm to Domoticz.
Since the alarm is supplied with a network card, I'm trying to use no additional hardware.

I wrote a very tiny python script, that enables me to send a code to lock or unlock, like I would do using the keypad:

Code: Select all

#!/usr/bin/env python
import requests
r = requests.get('http://alarmIP/menu7.html?__SQ=1234&submit=Submit+Sequence', auth=('login', 'verysecretpassword'))
alarmIP is the IP address of the alarm interface, 1234 is the code being entered, login and verysecretpassword are the credentials for the web interface.

So far, so good, that works!
Now I try to retreive the alarm status Armed/Disarmed.

In menu7.html, line 19 switches between:
<tr><td width=100px><b>ARMED </b></td><td><table class="usr_table1">
<tr><td width=100px><b>DISARMED </b></td><td><table class="usr_table1">

Does anybody have a clue how I could easily translate this from HTML to a dummy switch in Domoticz?
I could think of a few ways, but they all seem pretty bloated to me.

Also, does anybody know if and how I could read my Joblatron 433Mhz sensors using RFlink? It would be nice if I could give the alarm motion sensors a second use to turn on lights or such.

Thanks in advance!
Joep Urlings

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