Virtual RGB switch

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Virtual RGB switch

Post by lukbe » Saturday 17 June 2017 10:51

Hello everybody,
I have in domoticz virtual RGB switch and I don't know how I can read color value from color picker in LUA.

Can you help me ?

Thank you...

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Re: Virtual RGB switch

Post by miroslavpetrov » Saturday 09 September 2017 8:33

Same question here. I have smart rgb bulbs that can be controlled with http requests. My idea is to create a dummy rgb switch which values would be used in a script which will translate the values to http requests send to the bulb.
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Re: Virtual RGB switch

Post by morilm » Saturday 09 September 2017 9:40

I'm working on the same.


seems to be available and working to set the values to the switch, so maybe we can decode the json response from the switch status to get the values from the switch into LUA after choosing the color on the LUA picker on the virtual RGB switch.


(xx is the IDX number)

I can't run some test until next week... but if the Json returns the values, then it shouldn't be complicated, even not a perfect solution


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