RFXMeter/Meter delers settings

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RFXMeter/Meter delers settings

Post by ropske » Thursday 27 April 2017 22:46

Maybe a dumb question, but how to set this good?

I got at my electricity meter following: 450impulses/kwh
gasmeter: 1 impulse/0.01m3

how do i need to enter the values to measure it correctly?

electricity => 450
gas => 100

Thank you

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Re: RFXMeter/Meter delers settings

Post by kimhav » Sunday 30 September 2018 21:48

Hi ropske, Did You ever figure out how to handle multiple Count Divider for RFXMeters? Asking since I have the same issue and while I've managed to get the half solution, it would be nice to get the full solution. I've also raised it as a suggestion which might need to addition input and bumping.
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