Lightning sensor

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Lightning sensor

Postby Justmenl » Wednesday 11 January 2017 21:07

What would be the best way to create a new sensor for domoticz?

My weather station (Ventus W266 aka Renkforce W205GU) has lightning detection and can show how many strikes per interval (10, 30 and 60 min) and the distance to the stormfront.

I'm working on a plugin for esp-easy so you can embed an esp8266 in the display unit and sniff the receiver module. The weather station can supply domoticz with outside tempoerature/humidity, wind direction and speeds, rainfall, UV radiation and lightning. You can then create virtual sensors for all sensor types but I'm missing an option for lightning strikes.

So is there a lightning sensor in development or how could I to develop one, is there a tutorial?


Raspberry Pi B+ Domoticz 2.2357

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