Problem with Devolo Thermostat

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Problem with Devolo Thermostat

Post by McFranky » Tuesday 10 January 2017 8:22

Hi everyone

Since 4 days I have a Problem with an Devolo Thermostat. Everything works ok, only the temperature value is not updatet. The value is correct in the ZWave Operation Panel!
Value is correct here
ZWaveOP.PNG (150.42 KiB) Viewed 269 times
Value is not updated!
Sensor.PNG (15.19 KiB) Viewed 269 times
I have discovered a deviation from my other thermostats in the ZWave Operation Panel. There is an additional field: Relative Humidity which does not exist by the others...

But nothing was changed in the system...

Whats going on here :?:
Greetings from Berlin...

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Re: Problem with Devolo Thermostat

Post by Domosapiens » Tuesday 10 January 2017 22:40

Win Vista&7; 1#Aeon Z-Stick S2; 1#Aeotec Z-Sick Gen5, 6#Fib.FGBS001; 24#DS18B20; 8#Everspr.AN158-2; 3#Philio PAN04; 1#Philio PAN06, 1#YouLess El; 1#Fib.FGWPE; 1#ZME_RC2; 2#FAK_ZWS230, 2#Quib.ZMNHCDx, 1#Quib.ZMNHDD1, 7#EM6555

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