Best way using Domoticz

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Best way using Domoticz

Post by lsp242 » Wednesday 21 February 2018 9:02


I've got my domitiz stable now.. I want to ask how to use it best for my home automation, i use:
Domoticz on raspberry pi3
RF Link
Philips Hue
P1 Reading

I use all with HomeKit, but want to as what the best way to connectie all? I now connected HomeKit with hue and than Domoticz to HomeKit. This works, but to manage the buttons on de hue dimmerswitch is not stable.

How do you make the connections en scenes?
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Re: Best way using Domoticz

Post by philchillbill » Sunday 04 March 2018 11:32

What does HomeKit bring value-wise to this mix? All of the devices you mention run just fine in Domoticz without it. If you read the manual and the wiki there are plenty of examples of how to make dependencies between devices and create scenes. Domoticz is open-source so the documentation is fragmented but most of it is there if you look around.
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