DS18B20 Orange PI 2E - no devices

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DS18B20 Orange PI 2E - no devices

Post by inventco » Wednesday 28 December 2016 9:18

I'm not a best linux user :-)
But i manage a connection with 2 DS18B20 sensors (thermometers).
Using armbian i can read termometers they are in sys/bus/1w/....
#gpio _sunxi

when i make a ls command (from linux forum) i've get a propper temperature readout.
And it is stable readout... and changing when i use hot or freaze on each sensor.

but i try insall domoticz.
i use different method even this from command line...
sudo curl -L install.domoticz.com | bash

and still no effect domoticz say that no sensors available in proper config window *i use mozilla explorer)

i think it is a software issue but i can't resolve it can someone help me ?

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