1Wire and OWFS newbe Question

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1Wire and OWFS newbe Question

Post by emme » Friday 02 December 2016 11:17


I'm willing to implement 1Wire hardware to use 2 DS18B20 probles (like in the image) to check the certalized heating system pipe temp (and assuming the water temp and working time)

1Wire seems to be the best solution (simple, costless and efficient)

I've seen the wiki but I have a doubt on the linux configuration (I'm running a PI3):
Domoticz hardware for 1wire require the OWFS math (/mnt/1Wire), but if I look at the Wiki, the external link explain how to install OWFS on a i2c device and external device... while I'm just pluging the data pin to GPIO4

Is OWFS a requirement? in case I just use 1Wire, can I replace it with the 1Wire bus path? /sys/bus/w1/devices

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