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Send TT=0

Post by Softwareregi » Tuesday 12 January 2016 11:14

I'm a newby in Domoticz land, so ...... be patient

- How do I create a button that sends the command TT = 0 to the OTGW
- is it possible to have all the buttons (temp, pressure, setpoint, and so on) of the otgw on one tab and not, as now, on several tabs

gr. John

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Re: Send TT=0

Post by manjh » Thursday 04 August 2016 16:06

Looking for that tt=0 button as well John, will let you know when I find a way.

As for the second question: Create a "roomplan"for OTGW.

Setup-->more options-->plans-->roomplan

Then add all required OTGW buttons to the plan.
When done, for instance on the dahboard select the OTGW plan in the right-upper corner.

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