How to connect Remeha iSense and iBase

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How to connect Remeha iSense and iBase

Post by DeBaat » Sunday 18 February 2018 12:49


At the moment I have a Domoticz running on my Synology NAS controlling several hardware.
I also have a Remeha Tzerra remotely controlled using an iSense thermostat which is communicating remotely with an iBase station.
The iBase station is directly (physically) connected to the Tzerra.
It looks like the iBase and iSense are communicating via Wifi but I'm not sure, it may be a proprietary protocol.

Can anyone help me point into the direction on how to connect the heating configuration to Domoticz?

I thought I could configure the iBase as a new hardware device running OpenTherm via LAN, but Domoticz couldn't find the hardware.

Any suggestions (and questions) are welcome.

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