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Relative modulation level

Posted: Thursday 23 March 2017 21:14
by tiga
i cannot see the relative modulation level in domoticz.(only the maximum)

on the tweakers page i saw a postcomment from " thinkpad " and he said to send the AA=17 command to activate it.
but nothing happens.
in my otmonitor i can see the relative modulation level.

how to fix this?

and is it possible to make a tt=0 (follow program) butten?

Re: Relative modulation level

Posted: Monday 27 March 2017 22:42
by tiga
Anyone?? :D

Re: Relative modulation level

Posted: Wednesday 01 November 2017 12:02
by HFman
I have the same issue, but guess my heater doesn't support to show "relative" modulation (Intergas HR28/24). But did you solve it in the mean time ?

Re: Relative modulation level

Posted: Saturday 18 November 2017 17:46
by michielb
Does anyone know why the maximum relative modulation level is required for the opentherm gateway to function?

We also have the Intergas HR28/24 and in this matrix: it shows it doesnt give back a result.
Can anyone share some experience if it works? Maybe @HFman?

Re: Relative modulation level

Posted: Saturday 18 November 2017 17:59
by HFman
The opentherm gateway does function well with a Intergas heating (if you ofcourse use the opentherm).

It only doesn't show the relative modulation level (in my case). But this is only one of the many items it can show.
Also return water temp. is not showed, but the deliverd water temp (heating and HW) you can see.
Also it show clearly when the Flame is on or off, or when it running for heating, or HW.
You can also see the set point from the thermostaat (temp in my case).