Device for 'Control setpoint'

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Device for 'Control setpoint'

Post by cp9999 » Monday 26 December 2016 17:10

Currently there are only three thermostat setpoint devices available on the OTGW hardware.
It would be great to have an additional thermostat setpoint device available on the OTGW hardware device to allow setting the 'Control setpoint' override value on the OTGW (command CS=<value>).

Looking at the source code for the OTGW hardware driver I can see that (most of) the code for handling this setpoint correctly is already in place.
A thermostat setpoint device (Type=242) with a device Id like '0000001' (e.g. ID4 of the deviceID should be 1), will issue the CS=<> command with the setpoint value.
For testing this, I have manually added a new thermostat setpoint device with device id '0000001' to my OTGW hardware device in the domoticz database.
This actually works and enables me to send a 'Control Setpoint' value to the OTGW.

Only thing missing right now is actually updating the issued setpoint value into the database (e.g. there is currently no UpdateSetPointSensor() method call in the hardware driver code).

It would also be great if this additional thermostat setpoint device for the 'Control setpoint' would be automatically created by the OTGW hardware driver.
Note: Needed because the 'Control Setpoint' override value is not reported back by the OTGW with the PS=1 command (instead it returns the last control setpoint value that is set by the thermostat).

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