Devices for Burner Starts & Hours, Pump Starts & Hours

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Devices for Burner Starts & Hours, Pump Starts & Hours

Post by rjblake » Saturday 10 December 2016 17:57

I've just added an OTGW to my setup and while I have managed to add the hardware and can see numerous new devices associated with this, I was wondering how I can get to add/see the following:

Burner starts
CH Pump starts
DHW Pump/Valve starts
DHW Burner starts
Burner Operation hours
CH Pump Operation hours
DHW Pump Operation Hours
DHW Burner Operation Hours
...and any of the other data being reported/collected

I've looked at the message string and they are included, are being parsed in the code, but I think (from my limited ability) no devices are created (possibly for good or logical reason). Anyone got some insights on this?

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