Switching CH on

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Switching CH on

Post by djdehaan » Wednesday 19 October 2016 14:00

I have the OTGW connected to a Pi, included in Domoticz, for a while, and it works perfect. I currently:
-read activity
-set outside temp
-set room reference temp (thermostaat is in the living)

Now I would like to also use it to control the heating of the upper floors, For that I have to overrule the thermostaat in the living, and have the CH in heating mode while the real temp in the living is above the reference temp. As I can control the waterflow in the living, I can switch on the CH but keep the pump off. In that way, the upper floors will get warmer and the living won't.

How do I set the CH to Go heating?
I tried to swhich CH_active to ON, but that will go off again in a few seconds.
I tried to swicht CH_active, CH_enabled and FlameON all to ON, but they all will go off again in a few sec.
Is there a way to do this?


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Re: Switching CH on

Post by CaptainSlow » Monday 09 January 2017 15:15

I'm having the same setup and more less the same challenge. Rasp PI 3 with domoticz, a remeha tzerra with eTwist thermostat in de living. I have not yet the wateflow control units like this one from danfoss.
https://www.warmteservice.nl/Verwarming ... p/44554500
I intend to install them on the 5 radiators in th eliving and kitchen to limit the waterflow to these radiators so I can more or less control the heated waterflow and direct them to the upperfloors.
If I can control it with the right commands in domoticz would be even better.
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Re: Switching CH on

Post by jake » Sunday 03 December 2017 22:25

Same question here. I was hoping that the 'Control Setpoint', which is set at 6'C and acts as an anti-freeze for the system, could be manipulated. However, I see that it only is a read-only temperature. Faking a high temperature request on the thermostat seems to be the only way to go. however, when things go wrong with the Domoticz setup, the thermostat is still stuck with the high setpoint.

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