Switching CH on

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Switching CH on

Post by djdehaan » Wednesday 19 October 2016 14:00

I have the OTGW connected to a Pi, included in Domoticz, for a while, and it works perfect. I currently:
-read activity
-set outside temp
-set room reference temp (thermostaat is in the living)

Now I would like to also use it to control the heating of the upper floors, For that I have to overrule the thermostaat in the living, and have the CH in heating mode while the real temp in the living is above the reference temp. As I can control the waterflow in the living, I can switch on the CH but keep the pump off. In that way, the upper floors will get warmer and the living won't.

How do I set the CH to Go heating?
I tried to swhich CH_active to ON, but that will go off again in a few seconds.
I tried to swicht CH_active, CH_enabled and FlameON all to ON, but they all will go off again in a few sec.
Is there a way to do this?


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Re: Switching CH on

Post by CaptainSlow » Monday 09 January 2017 15:15

I'm having the same setup and more less the same challenge. Rasp PI 3 with domoticz, a remeha tzerra with eTwist thermostat in de living. I have not yet the wateflow control units like this one from danfoss.
https://www.warmteservice.nl/Verwarming ... p/44554500
I intend to install them on the 5 radiators in th eliving and kitchen to limit the waterflow to these radiators so I can more or less control the heated waterflow and direct them to the upperfloors.
If I can control it with the right commands in domoticz would be even better.
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