zwave device not sending all info

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zwave device not sending all info

Post by Draakje » Sunday 17 December 2017 9:10

Hi all,

since a few days I don't receive all metering reports from a couple of my z-wave plug (NEO COOLCAM)
I do get Amps and Voltages but I don't get KWh (which is for me the important one)

No I do see some time outs in the logs but I have no idea how that is..
Distances between z-wave stick (AEONLABS) and plug is about 7 meters.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this ?
I have tried resetting the plug but with no results.. ( I am probably not doing it the right way.

I am running Ubuntu linux on my system.. And if tools are used I would like it to be linux tools.

Many thanks
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