Zwave Control Panel Now Showing 3 Unknown Devices

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Re: Zwave Control Panel Now Showing 3 Unknown Devices

Post by Domosapiens » Friday 30 December 2016 12:24

Happy to see you are on track again.

In a static network there is no need for a nightly Heal Network.
You can do it now and then by hand (menu: Node management).
If Automatic Backup is Enabled they are running at the same moment at 04:00.
I think that's a less happy combination. (04:03 would be a more robust choice)

from nodes out in the garden and outbuildings
If you have isolated windows (HR glass in dutch) there is a tiny metal frame inside.
That frame is open for short-wave emissions (sun light) and reflecting long wave emissions (the low temperature in your house)
For Z-Wave, with waves of 34 cm your window is just a metal sheet and very difficult to pass (90% attenuation).
You brick wall is even easier.
Read more here: ... -small.pdf

Via the metal sheet you get wave interference: the direct path to your stick and a reflection via the window.
If you have bad luck, those waves are extinguish each other. With good luck they amplify each other:

Play around in an area of 17 cm (half the wave) to find an optimal transmit/receiver point.
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Re: Zwave Control Panel Now Showing 3 Unknown Devices

Post by gcoupe » Saturday 31 December 2016 18:26

Things are not improving much. I'm still getting nodes randomly set to being dead. If I restart Domoticz completely, then sometimes the nodes become alive again, and sometimes not.

Something is definitely wrong here, and I'm not convinced that it is being caused by poor Zwave reception. As I've said earlier in the thread, everything was rock-solid until recently. All that's been done is that I've upgraded to the latest "stable" version, and added three new nodes. Is there some way to regress to the earlier stable version from March 2016?

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