Battery Operated device not included correctly

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Battery Operated device not included correctly

Post by boblablah » Wednesday 13 June 2018 19:57

Hi all,

I have recently had some water escape, and as a result, grabbed a couple z-wave water leak sensors from amazon. They are the Dome brand. is the exact model I have. When I include them to my aeon z-stick gen 5 the stick and the device report proper adding (at least by the flashing of the lights). When I go look at the hardware end, I can see the devices are there, but they are not added correctly. They have a device of 0x0000 a type of 0x0000 no manufacturer nor any description. They are listed as sleeping. Since they have no real information returned, I assume this is why they are not added as any kind of device to enable or disable.

OZWCP reports them as "Notification Sensor".

I have excluded/removed the devices a couple times trying to re-add them hoping for better results. No change in what I get or see.

I am running domoticz 3.9562.

any ideas besides returning the product?

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Re: Battery Operated device not included correctly

Post by gizmocuz » Thursday 14 June 2018 7:15

Could you post a screenshot of the node overview that includes your node ? (one line or all)

It might be that there is currently not yet a openzwave configuration file for this device

Did you include it 'secure' ?

If you force it to detect water, do you see anything in the log ?
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