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Re: WhatsApp notification

Post by bizziebis » Friday 25 March 2016 21:32

Is it still working for you? I've red that whatsapp updated their protocol to 2.0, so yowsup doesn't work anymore.
For me it doesn't work ATM. Had been working for a year..

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Re: WhatsApp notification

Post by sincze » Saturday 26 March 2016 10:49

I had the authentication error this week.

I issued
sudo python setup.py install

And retrieved a new password after that is was working as before.
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Re: WhatsApp notification

Post by rp913126 » Monday 20 March 2017 10:03

I am not receiving whatsapp notifications when try to send april fool sms

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Re: WhatsApp notification

Post by SteGe » Monday 29 May 2017 16:15

hi all,

after working with whatsapp for a while now (almost a year) it suddenly stopped (after something went wrong with the kernel update of my Rasp. it wouldn't recognized my Rfx anymore, so I had to reinstall everything).

My Whatsapp is currently working (to all numbers, except mine, but that is and end-to-end problem which should help itself out, however it is very strange that I can run the script from the command line and it is received, but when I try to run the script from domoticz I get waiting on the message).

But that is not the main problem, the problem that I have is that my python script (from this thread) to send a snapshot isn't working anymore. However, it don't give any errors, but there is no image send to my whatsapp (nor my wives). I've tried several things (rights of the snapshot file, update yowsup, changing the environment global variable, etc.). But nothing works for me. I'm at the point of getting Telegram working, but that is not the real final solution for me (My wife, friends and I are using Whatsapp a lot, so I prefer to get the notifications from Whatsapp, Whatsapp online and also on my Fitbit watch, etc.)

So maybe somebody here can help me out? What am I missing? Please???? ;-)
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Re: WhatsApp notification

Post by RenedeRuyter » Wednesday 21 June 2017 0:21

Hi all,

I just started out with freepbx and I want to notify alarm events to a regional whatsapp group.

My security system dials out on POTS to an ATA conntected to freepbx. I can create functionality that reacts very b call activity b the he extension containg the securit system

Any experiences with this?

Best regards,

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