Alarm without virtual switches?

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Alarm without virtual switches?

Post by cyclops1982 » Thursday 28 September 2017 9:36


I've been using domoticz for a while and sometimes visit here. THere's loads of info here, but difficult to find.
I'm also a developer by hart, and want to do things nicely.

I recenlty got a POPP KFOB-C which unfortunatly only works well with the 'Send scene'.
This allows me to start a scene only.

I want to use the keyfob to create a "i'm leaving home" and "i'm back home" scenario. The main important part in that is the alarm system needs to go on and off. The security panel should replace it. i have found that the Security panel shows up in the scene selection, but it does not really work (there's no Arm home, Arm away - just 'on/off/stop'). My initial question would be - can this work? Can i use a scene to set my security panel/alarm to 'Armed away' ?

It seems that a lot of people are using virtual switches. I don't mind them, but it would be better without.I think the dzVents global variables or user variables could replace them, but those are not controlable from the scenes as well.
What i don't like about the virtual switches is that i need to add them to the interface before they show up in the scenes drop down list. It would be much better if the scenes allowed me to switch any device without having to add it, as it's just a bit ugly having an 'Alarm turn on' virtual switch that you shouldn't actually press ever...

So, just trying to do things cleanly, but struggling to find a way!

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Re: Alarm without virtual switches?

Post by lonebaggie » Thursday 28 September 2017 15:11

You can hide switches from UI with $ in the switch name.

I have written a universal script that can trigger and link switches together including hiding and in-hiding switches


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Re: Alarm without virtual switches?

Post by Antori91 » Thursday 28 September 2017 17:44

Also, if you don't allow users to see a switch from UI (with Setup/More Options/Edit User/Set Devices for a user), you will not see it if you log with a non admin user.
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