Help for smartscript 1

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Help for smartscript 1

Post by Derik » Sunday 11 June 2017 14:00

I hope there is somebody that wil help me with a script...
I am looking for a script that reads my smartmeter.
I have a lot of solarpower on my roof :-)

What i need is a script that is switching a device['s ] or a dummy when my smartmeter delivers back to the net.
I use a blockley like:
ScreenShot022.jpg (115.28 KiB) Viewed 741 times
Works fine for some small things..

Only when i use more power in my house this dummy is switching on and off every x seconds.
And that is not working for heating my hotwater, or my swimmingpool.

What i am looking for is not possible with blockley, because blockley cannot handel - value.

Is there perhaps somebody that can make a script like:
If smartmeter actual value = between -100 and - 4000 [ or other value] switch [ or switches ] x on for x minute.. ]
Else if smartmeter actual value = > -100 switch off

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