connect a JSON command to a switch

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connect a JSON command to a switch

Post by rhendriks » Sunday 08 January 2017 11:59

I must connect an input (gpio31) to an Alert dummy
To activate the dummy I do :

Code: Select all****/json.htm?type=command&param=udevice&idx=67&nvalue=4&svalue=Geen Voeding 
The Alert dummy is red .
If the input is closed the dummy must be green

Code: Select all****/json.htm?type=command&param=udevice&idx=67&nvalue=1&svalue=Voeding OK
If I type the cmd line in the browser , the dummy works and changes .
If I used blockly it don't react on the input.
for example : gpio31 open ----dummy red
gpio31 closed --dummy green
If I used in blockly an lightbulb instead of the JSON cmd line , then it works perfect.
How must I connect the dummy to an input?

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