Power Disaggregation

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Power Disaggregation

Post by trixwood » Saturday 30 April 2016 17:22

I have a powernode 1 zwave device that next to switching on/off also shows the power usage. I have installed it in the kitchen.

I already have a blocky script which detects individually three devices which I created virtual sensors for :

< 100 Watt refrigerator,
600-800 Watt Oven
2500 Watt Mircrowave

But this is kind of a hassle so I am wondering does anybody has a power disaggregation scripts running?

I look into it and this looks promising running local:


NILMTK: Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Toolkit

https://lids.mit.edu/research/research- ... ggregation

Cloud based

http://blog.oliverparson.co.uk/2012/10/ ... ystem.html

Any thoughts?

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Re: Power Disaggregation

Post by Meza » Saturday 07 May 2016 8:46

The only thing I've seen related to disaggregation is 'Bidgely', a paid-for service in the U.S.

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Re: Power Disaggregation

Post by arnekaas » Monday 27 March 2017 17:30

Hi trixwood,

I would like to contribute to your disaggregation development. Did you already put your code on github?

Groetjes Arne.

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