Satel Integra (Security System) with ethernet module

Compatibility (hardware, devices and OS)
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Re: Satel Integra (Security System) with ethernet module

Post by halo6 » Saturday 16 December 2017 22:32


I found here that you are doing a great job in terms of integration Satel with home automation.

Since I am not using Domoticz, but other home automation system (Vera from Micasaverde), I would like to kindly ask if it is possible to easy adopt somehow your work are put it into Vera plugin.

I am not a programmer and to be honest for me it is a rocket sience :) Simple plugin OK, but Hex + CRC is out of mine capabilities.

Does anyone here has the experience in this matter as well??

Guys in the forum of Vera are not interested in writting such plugin....

Hope I can find some help in here

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A question to fantom on integration (type of sensors) :-)

Post by vobo » Tuesday 30 January 2018 17:06

I’d be glad to learn what were your reasons to choose General/Alert/Contact types for all sensors (`zones`) of Integra?

I did a quick hack to your code to have the sensors being read as switches (Light/Switch, AC, Contact) - that is pTypeGeneralSwitch instead of pTypeGeneral and SubType == sSwitchTypeAC. Had also to increment Idx value for sensors by 128 in two functions, so that the device ID’s do not conflict with outputs.

After that however, I may manually assign SwitchType in domoticz UI to either motion sensor, or contact, dusk sensor, door contact, or whatever. That way I have different, nice looking proper icons in domoticz, but also have far more options in ImperiHome when I connect via MyDomoAtHome gateway. The sensors are properly recognized by ImperiHome and I may use various functionalities (widgets, groups, icons, composite switches, etc.) that are not available when one has all sensors recognized as ‘utility sensors’ by domoticz.

Thanks to your work and the open source code I already do have what I want for myself, but perhaps it’s worth to discuss reading the Integra sensors in another way? Of course, I understand that people would already have scripts that read sensor values as ‘1’ and ‘3’, so any change in the distro code is now questionable.


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Re: Satel Integra (Security System) with ethernet module

Post by WojMaj » Thursday 08 February 2018 8:37

I've connected Satel ETHM with Domoticz, and I've got correct notifications from zones. But when I try to arm the system nothing happend.

2018-02-08 07:28:25.790 User: wojciu initiated a switch command (98/Arm 4 partition/On)
2018-02-08 07:28:26.152 Satel Integra: Partition 4 armed

The system doesn't armed. What is the reason?


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Re: Satel Integra (Security System) with ethernet module

Post by sapa » Friday 16 February 2018 21:58

Has anyone had problems with changing default name of Integra Arm switch in domoticz? If I changed it, next day system restores old default name. I've try it few times, even with "automatic add new devices" is turn off, always it goes back to default name.

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Re: Satel Integra (Security System) with ethernet module

Post by macieiks » Saturday 17 February 2018 18:57

Does anyone use Satel smoke detectors / water leak sensors etc. in cooperation with ETHM-1 PLUS ? Is it integrated / implemented also in Domoticz plugin, so it can be controled on dashboard?

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