Domoticz + Windows + Telldus ZNet V2

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Domoticz + Windows + Telldus ZNet V2

Post by Proxid » Saturday 30 December 2017 16:07


I've used Eventghost on my dedicated PC before but have decided to move over to Domoticz as it both looks better and that it in my opinion have better compability.
I bought a new Telldus ZNET V2 receiver/sender that runs on Telldus live and have Domoticz installed on my Windows 7 PC. I searched the forum on how to connect telldus live / tellstick live and domoticz but all those guides involve raspberry PI. And as I have a dedicated computer several times stronger than any Rasp Pi I would like to use this PC for domoticz.

Worth noting is that Telldus ZNet V2 only runs over the network and doesn't have direct physical connection to the PC itself. I searched both this forum and telldus forum for days without any success. I get it that Raspberry Pi is great as it is small and efficient. But I'm handling 17 cameras and 4K media streams daily on this dedicated PC and a Rasp Pi simply Wouldn't work.

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