Update device/sensor with non realtime data

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Update device/sensor with non realtime data

Post by magny » Wednesday 22 November 2017 18:39


I have a Daikine Air Conditioner, and I have added the default sensors to Domoticz:

But my model have as well power consumption through the API that I would like to add to Domoticz. The data I am getting is showing todays usage so far and every day this month, every month, and every year.

So my question is,

1. How do I use the accumulated data for today and add it to domoticz?
2. Can I import this older data into Domoticz for the last year?

I have read here about the generic update function, but that takes the current value and timestamp it as when you make the call?
https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/DzVents:_ ... _scripting

Best regards Andreas

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