[Aeon ZW078] Missing kWh meter in devices

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[Aeon ZW078] Missing kWh meter in devices

Post by eversaevel » Friday 03 February 2017 13:39

Hi all,

I am just getting started with my first zWave steps, got an old Rpi with aeon zwave gen 5 stick, included a Aeon zw078 heavy duty switch which I installed in front of my water heater (boiler) as to monitor its energy usage (and to determine if its better to turn it off etc).

So far I got a few devices in my device overview, including Voltage, Power in Amps, power in Watts (twice) but I am unable to get a kWh reading from domoticz. If I go to the openzwave control panel I do see the kWh readings from the switch.
Do I need to setup anything specific to get kWh reported?

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Re: [Aeon ZW078] Missing kWh meter in devices

Post by jrich523 » Friday 10 February 2017 20:14

so once you add the device via the CP you'll notice that in the device list (not via hardware, but the "device" listing) there should be a bunch of new devices in there that will give you those outputs, on the right hand side you'll see a green arrow which tells you that dom is aware of the device but not using it (sorta)... im finding the word device getting heavily overused here :)

at any rate, find the one you want and click that green icon, it will go blue and it will be added to the logged devices, or ui objects.. or.. whatever you want to call the part that gets logged and reported on :)
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