TCRT5000 mount for Aquadis Itron (Cyble mount) watermeter

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TCRT5000 mount for Aquadis Itron (Cyble mount) watermeter

Post by Lieuwke » Sunday 01 January 2017 17:51

Hi All,

it has been a while since i've been here. (almost 2 years.) This is due to me being very enthusiastic about things, dive into them, but then the lack of time and/or money bring things to a standstill.... I have decided about a year back i want to finally finish things that i have started. My motorcycle customisation into a bobber has been finished, my diy e-bike project has been done, i have installed a new fuse box in my meter cabinet and when i was at that project i remembered about my domoticz project under a pile of dust. Reviving my Domoticz setup wasn't so hard, i had done a great deal already, but had to set it aside for a while and forgot all about it. The thing i was at back then was my water-meter. I actually bought one with a pulse output to mount right behind the official one from my water company. But they replaced the official one a few weeks back. This one is the type you can detect with an TCRT5000. Actually it has a mount for a sensor known as the Cyble2. Well, let's hijack that mount i thought. I drew something up in Sketchup and printed with a 3D printer. I posted the files on thingiverse in case someone want's to build it too.

Next challenge is the new setup. I have bought a Pi 3 and going for the new domoticz version. This time planning to finish the project. Although.... is a domoticz environment ever finished??

The box and pictures can be found here
Sony Raspberry Pi B V2.0
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TCRT5000 sensor watermeter -> revived..... and in progress....

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