P1 smart meter LAN

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P1 smart meter LAN

Post by JoHi » Saturday 30 July 2016 14:26

My p1 smart meter is connected with an EZL70A to my rpi 3. After a restart i find this log entry:

2016-07-30 14:15:47.405 P1 Smart Meter: connected to:
It looks like the smart meter is connected successful.

After a wile the following error is coming up.
2016-07-30 14:17:00.239 Error: Smart meter hardware (8) thread seems to have ended unexpectedly

Is there any body ho can tell me what is going wrong.

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Re: P1 smart meter LAN

Post by piotr » Friday 12 August 2016 9:20

Set the data-timeout for the P1-gateway to 5 minutes.

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