NWS Statements / Alerts In Domoticz

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NWS Statements / Alerts In Domoticz

Post by rv24531 » Thursday 13 September 2018 1:30

In light of Hurricane Florence projected to come a little too close to comfort, I decided to throw something together to log and notify me if (WHEN) the NWS issues a statement/alert/warning for my county - which happens to be the largest county in Virginia.(but easily adaptable to include the surrounding counties as well)

It has been running fine for a few days now, been testing it with the state wide warning system and have it set up as a 'Alert' with Domoticz, along with corresponding notification colors/levels depending on the level of the warning issued.

I plan on releasing this to the general public, but I realize it's NWS (National Weather Service) and only really useful here in the U.S..

Would anyone be interested in this, either testing it and/or using it in their setup? Let me know!

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