Odd behaviour from Viking 02035

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Odd behaviour from Viking 02035

Post by garethhowell » Friday 21 July 2017 19:50

I have a number of these RFXCom devices dotted around the house. Apart from the devices reporting a temp that needs adjusting by -40C, they all work really well. Until now!

One device started reporting temps of 64C instead of 24C. I changed the batteries but it was the same. Hmm, obviously a fault, so I replaced the device. Now, here's the thing.

I replaced the name as well as the device, so it inherited the device history, and it STILL reported +40 over what it should (even with the -40C adjustment). I played with the adjustment but there was no correlation between the adjustment and the reported temp.

I've tried moving the device around, but it makes no difference.

Next step is to delete the device history, but before I do; has anybody seen this behaviour?

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