Temp module from Aliexpress

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Temp module from Aliexpress

Post by quosek » Sunday 11 June 2017 22:19


I'm new here (and I did not use domoticz yet)
I ahve a question - would module:
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bluetoo ... e9c28aa307

work properly with domoticz ?
I want to install it on rasbperry Pi (with bluetooth) so I should have connectivity ...

Or maybe you suggest something else

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Re: Temp module from Aliexpress

Post by pvm » Monday 12 June 2017 0:24

Not natively supported, but it looks like its not that difficult to retrieve its data. Are you able to do some scripting yourself? Possibly you can make a phython plugin?
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Re: Temp module from Aliexpress

Post by tontze » Wednesday 12 July 2017 6:41

This is working :

https://www.aliexpress.com/store/produc ... 46831.html

You can find it within 10€ with a little search :)
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