Darksky - Which forecast is this ?

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Darksky - Which forecast is this ?

Post by svenker » Thursday 04 May 2017 11:31


I have added Darksky in Domoticz and it gives me rain and wind etc which is great.

What I don't get is that it gives a "forecast" so when in the future is this ? Can we not "adjust" how far we want to go ?

Intent is to say, if it rains tomorrow, no need to water the garden OR if it rains in 30 minutes, take-up the sun-curtains.

Thanks for your help !

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Re: Darksky - Which forecast is this ?

Post by bldewit » Friday 26 May 2017 8:31

Hi Sam,
I have the same question. When looking at the forecast under that switch my conclusion is that the values shown by default are the "now"-values. I too am looking for a way to look at, for instance, 1 hour from now. Have not found an answer on the forum yet....

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Re: Darksky - Which forecast is this ?

Post by Egregius » Friday 26 May 2017 13:44

Script it yourself ;)
I use the darksky api for rain predection to decide if I should water the garden or just wait for the rain.
I also use their temperature prediction to lower the heating before it gets to warm.
Example code can be found in the cron180 file of pass2php.

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