How to use calculated wind chill ?

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How to use calculated wind chill ?

Post by aleph0 » Sunday 15 January 2017 18:27

Hi all !

On the 15 of December, I noticed that interesting line in the changelog of domoticz :
"Wind, when chill is not provided (or 0), it is now calculated"

I have a WS2300 weather station who does not provide the wind chill, so I'm highly interested by this feature. I upgraded my domoticz to 3.6245 to get it, but I can't find a way to make it work :( I have 2 questions :
1/ After the upgrade, I see the wind chill is calculated in the device field, e.g. 11.00;N;41;41;0.0;-4.4 : -4.4 is the wind chill, right ? But I can't get the corresponding wind chill temperature sensor in the temperature tab :( how to make it appear ? I have tried allowing new devices but it's not enough. My wind sensor have been created before the upgrade. Shall I change a setting in the dB ? shall I delete it, let domoticz recreate it and reload the historical data in the dB ?
2/ the WS2300 does not feed the actual temperature in my wind sensor (the 0.0 in the example above, when the actual temperature is 3.9). Can I feed it with lua right into the actual wind sensor or shall I create another dummy wind sensor feed with a lua script with all the data ? I would prefer the first solution to limit the number of devices in domoticz, but before breaking anything, I prefer to ask !

Thanks for your answers !

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