ESPEASY DTH22 problem with beta version

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ESPEASY DTH22 problem with beta version

Post by pouilloux » Monday 14 May 2018 14:58

Beta Version: 3.9439
Platform: PI B3+
Plugin/Hardware: WEMOS/DHT22
Data sent by the ESPEASY/DHT22 the device not handled by beta version.
Same device/data handled without problem (temperature/humidity) by Domoticz stable version 3.8153.
Only Domoticz IP address/name and Domoticz device number (idx) in ESPEASY config change between tests.
When trying to simulate the Espeasy/DHT22 using HTTP/JSON, data is handled correctly by the beta version if the 3 parameters (temperature, humidity and humidity status) are included in the "&svalue" command.

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