SelectPlus cheap wireless doorbell (Dutch "Action" stores) changed protocol - ANSWERS INSIDE!

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SelectPlus cheap wireless doorbell (Dutch "Action" stores) changed protocol - ANSWERS INSIDE!

Post by rene1978 » Friday 10 August 2018 18:04

Hello Domoticz audience.

Earlier this week, I have purchased a cheap SelectPlus wireless doorbell at a local "Action" store (as did others too I could read on this forum). I tried to register it in Domoticz v4.9700 (using "auto-learn" on the Switches tab), running on a Raspberry Pi with the RFXtrx433E transceiver connected and initially with the ByronSX mode enabled. Unfortunately, the doorbell wasn't recognized at all. :x

Working together with RFXCOM Support, we were able to find out that it seems that the protocol is changed in the latest version SelectPlus doorbells with Ref. 200689103. This version is operating with Lighting4 protocol instead. The previous versions with Ref. 200689101 and also with Ref. 200689103 have a different protocol and are operating with the ByronSX protocol.

Below is the literal information from the packaging and stickers on the doorbell clicker itself:
  • * Packaging mentions: "Ref. 200689103 [3]".
    * Sticker on the door clicker mentions: "200689103 [2]".
    * The electric print board of the door clicker doesn't list any version or revision.
Cut a long story short: if you turn out to buy one of these newer revision SelectPlus wireless doorbells from Action, and it isn't detected with the ByronSX protocol, enable the Lighting4 protocol instead on the RFXCOM device.

I hope this is helpful for whoever is reading this.

Cheers, Rene

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