Yeelight white temperature problem

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Yeelight white temperature problem

Post by Norbert » Saturday 24 February 2018 19:51

Hello everyone,

I just installed a new yeelight RGBW LED bulb, linked it to domoticz and blocked via firewall any connection to internet for that bulb... so far so good ;)

My problem is that I prefer "warm white" (with a yellowish hue) and that by default the bulb seems to gets automatically back to a "cold white" (with a more blueish hue) after a while. I don't know why :?

(i followed the wiki guide and managed to create a White temperature control dimmer = it worked but I had the same problem with my "warm white" light turning back to "cold white" after a while)

Is there a way to lock my light to "warm white" forever ? Without any extra control, just a switch ON = "warm white" ?

Thanks for any help

PS: I notice that Yeelight android app does not work anymore since my light bulb is firewalled = why would the app need internet when domoticz can control the same bulb without ? Is that android app - even if i can't use it - interfering with domoticz and putting back my bulb to "cold white" ?

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Re: Yeelight white temperature problem

Post by emontnemery » Thursday 22 March 2018 19:55


This will work with the updated support for color dimmers being discussed here:

With this change, you can create a scene including your yeelight with a defined color temperature.

If you have time, please test the version linked from github.

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