Associating s2 with another fibaro?

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Associating s2 with another fibaro?

Post by jsiegmund » Sunday 03 December 2017 15:09

Hi there! I've got the following situation I'd like to solve:

- I've got a single wall switch with a light connected to it. There's a fibaro (FIB 1) behind the switch.
- I've hung another light near the first one which has a fibaro (FIB 2) mounted on it. This light is only getting power so I can switch it using the app.

For convenience I'd like to also control the second light using a normal wall switch. But there's no room to get a cable from the wall switch to the light itself. So what I was planning on doing:

- Buy a double wall switch instead
- Connect the left switch to FIB 1, s1
- Connect the right switch to FIB 1, s2
- Have s1 switch FIB 1
- Have s2 switch FIB 2

Sounds good in theory but I was looking to see whether this is actually feasible and haven't come to a conclusion yet. Has anoyone successfully gotten such a set-up working? Btw I know I can also buy a double z-wave switch, but this solution would be cheaper :)

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