Valid dimlevels in MQTT/JSON messages

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Valid dimlevels in MQTT/JSON messages

Post by emontnemery » Sunday 08 October 2017 15:05

According to ... tain_level,
Set a dimmable light to a certain level
* Some lights have 100 dim levels (like zwave and others), other hardware (kaku/lightwaverf) have other ranges like 16/32
* Level should be the dim level (not percentage), like 0-16 or 0-100 depending on the hardware used
* When the light is off, it will be turned on
However, based on the code:
- level can be passed also for switchcmd other than "Set Level", this is also documented on the WIKI on the MQTT page.
- If no level is passed, it defaults to 0 (instead of some "not set" value)
- level passed with "Set Level" switchcmd is decreased by 1
- level 0 passed with "Set Level" changes switchcmd to "Off"

What's the reason for decrementing level only for switchcmd "Set Level"?

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