Hue group brightness update

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Hue group brightness update

Post by Blueone » Friday 28 April 2017 8:56

I have connected my philips hue bridge to domoticz. I have several groups with lights which I use. The problem is the group brightness isn't updating when I change the brightness in a other app, are there possibilities to update the group brightness automatically? I already use the script described here: ... Hue_Status, but that one didn't work.

I also notice that some lights also don't have the brightness level, when i check the devices tab I see the following:
2017-04-28 08_54_47-Domoticz.png
2017-04-28 08_54_47-Domoticz.png (11.6 KiB) Viewed 518 times
Some lights do have a set level and some don't while it are exactly the same bulbs. The lights which doesn't have the set level aren't updated either while I can set the dim level from domoticz. Does anyone have an idea what is going wrong here?

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