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Re: GPIO port

Post by djdacore » Friday 28 July 2017 15:05

I installed the new hardware 'Generic Sysfs GPIO'. Before that I created the and run it at boot.
I now see port 4 as input and 12 as output. Both I see now in Domoticz at the devices.
When I press the green buttons to both and I name them Input , and the other Output.
When I click in the switches-tab on the Input it does nothing (as a contact). When I change it to an off/on button, it gives me an error.
'Fout bij verzenden van schakelaar opdracht, controleer apparaat/hardware!'
'Error sending the switch command'.

Do you know what I am doing wrong?
If I do an 'gpio exports' it gives me the following:

GPIO Pins Exported:
4: in 1 none
12: out 0 none

What I just need to create is a simple soorbell. Input as button, and Output as gong.

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Re: GPIO port

Post by Ariz » Thursday 21 September 2017 6:12

I looked at the installation of 'sysfs' but that's pretty difficult and also I installed the latest Beta version of Domoticz.
Tonight I can take a look at the Wiki how to setup the GPIO port.


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