Smoke Alarm added, and now?

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Smoke Alarm added, and now?

Post by Twan » Thursday 29 December 2016 14:17


I have bought a nice smoke alarm, Fibaro FGSD-002.
I have added it, and added the Smoke Heat and General "Switches".

Now I want to configure it to turn on all available lights in my house when the alarm triggers.
How do I that.

My experience with Domoticz is pretty basic.


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Re: Smoke Alarm added, and now?

Post by josimd » Thursday 29 December 2016 14:55

There are probably more options, but I have done it via the group 4 of the smoke detector, advantage of this solution that it also will work when the network is down, go to " groepen & network " -hardware-, and add the relevant note to the detector.

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