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by j0ystick
Friday 08 January 2016 6:55
Forum: Z-Wave
Topic: Vision ZP3102 EU PIR Motion Sensor
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Re: Vision ZP3102 EU PIR Motion Sensor

I have a couple of those here. Is there a jumper inside the chassis? If it is there try to put it on one of the contacts, and repeat the association that way with the chassis left open, after the association is completed put the cover back on... Or something. Or remove it, or put it on a different c...
by j0ystick
Sunday 08 November 2015 2:44
Forum: Python
Topic: Plex Status
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Re: Plex Status

Works nicely also on a linux install from current git (not on rpi), same host for plex server and domoticz (IPs both set to
Thanks! :)