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by Justmenl
Friday 17 February 2017 15:16
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Custom graphs
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Re: Custom graphs

I second the original request but to engage on the last comment: Can you point us to the documentation about the inner workings of Domoticz? Is there some simple example code to help us get started? Where in the wiki can I find the sections about creating your own plugins or how the framework operat...
by Justmenl
Monday 23 January 2017 21:16
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Multi value custom sensor
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Multi value custom sensor

I love domoticz and applaud the develpment team. I know we keep asking for more and more ... Would it be possible to create a custom sensor with more than one value like the thermometer/hygrometer combo? This way we can create bandwith sensors with up- and download speeds in one graph or other combi...
by Justmenl
Wednesday 11 January 2017 21:07
Forum: Other questions and discussions
Topic: Lightning sensor
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Lightning sensor

What would be the best way to create a new sensor for domoticz? My weather station (Ventus W266 aka Renkforce W205GU) has lightning detection and can show how many strikes per interval (10, 30 and 60 min) and the distance to the stormfront. I'm working on a plugin for esp-easy so you can embed an es...
by Justmenl
Saturday 10 December 2016 0:09
Forum: Bugs and Problems
Topic: Missing custom sensors from slave
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Missing custom sensors from slave

I'm running two raspberry pi based domoticz systems, both on the now latest stable release V3.5877. I can see almost all sensors and switches from my slave on the master except two dummy sensors I created. One temperature and one lux. The values are updated by a local script that updates the values ...

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