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by Oktopus
Friday 24 August 2018 8:54
Forum: Design, usability and languages
Topic: machinon theme
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Re: machinon theme - (work in progress)

Is there a reason why a text device doesn't show the log command?

Never mind... just found a bug (#17) on github
by Oktopus
Saturday 16 June 2018 11:04
Forum: News & Updates
Topic: Domoticz version 3.8153 released (Stable)
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Re: Domoticz version 3.8153 released (Stable)

Good to see this news on another website instead of the domoticz website..... :roll:
by Oktopus
Tuesday 13 March 2018 9:58
Forum: Other questions and discussions
Topic: Zeversolar pv inverter
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Re: Zeversolar pv inverter

Just found this thread after my Zeversolar Inverter is installed.

The webpage of the inverter uses a refresh to update the data it displays. It calls home.cgi to retrieve this data.
The content is a small text file which contains the data. On line 12 is the E_Today(KWh).